Route: Lamma Rainbow Guest Special Boat operates regularly between Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Aberdeen, and Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island. This provides customers with various options for traveling to different destinations.

Guest Special Boat Capacity: Each guest special boat can accommodate approximately 100 people, ensuring that customers have enough space and comfort. Furthermore, they have purchased a 10 million Hong Kong dollar passenger insurance to ensure passenger safety.

Reservation Requirements: Lamma Rainbow Guest Special Boat only accepts customers with pre-booked seats. Therefore, if you plan to go, please be sure to make a seat reservation in advance to ensure that you can board the boat.

Ferry Schedule: Please refer to the ferry schedule and arrive for boarding according to the flight times listed. Please note that there will be no waiting for latecomers, so be punctual.

Pet Policy: Please note that Lamma Rainbow Guest Special Boat does not accommodate pets, so if you plan to bring pets, you need to make alternative transportation arrangements.

Charter Service: If you require charter services, you can call the business department of Lamma Rainbow Guest Special Boat to inquire about details and fees. Charter services can provide more privacy and flexibility, suitable for special occasions or group events.

In summary, Lamma Rainbow Guest Special Boat offers a relaxed and stylish way for customers to enjoy the harbor views and savor delicious seafood. Please ensure you make seat reservations and arrive on time to ensure a pleasant and smooth journey.